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Footscray is named after Foots Cray on the Riber Cray of London and is a suburb under the municipality of City of Maribyrnong. The suburb features a hub for East African and Vietnamese immigrants in Melbourne and is under gentrification.

Footscray and Melbourne has been comprising a diverse and multicultural central shopping area which consistently attract waves of immigrants from different countries.


Footscray is situated 5 kilometres west of Melbourne (CBD), Australia. The suburb has good public transports and is close proximity to the city centre.

Landmarks and Recreations

  • Footscray Park is one of the largest (15-ha) and most intact Edwardian park in Australia featuring ornamental ponds, rustic stonework, and extensive use of palms. It is listed as a heritage place on the Victorian Heritage Register.
  • The former Footscray Town Hall is considered as the only American Romanesque civic building in Victoria and the surrounding comprises a mix of Modern, Art Deco, Spanish, Celtic and Medieval.
  • The suburb has been a setting of various Australian movies like Romper Stomper 1992, Metal Skin 1994, and Pawno 2015.
  • Award-winning Station Hotel Pub of the Year by 3AW radio is a must-visit for food lovers for fine dining and facilities.

Shopping and Dining

  • Footscray has plenty of small selection of Halal food outlets, Asian grocery stores, and over 130 multicultural restaurants including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Australian, African, and many more.
  • Restaurants to visit; T Cavallaro Sons, Olympic Doughnuts, Nhu Lan, and African Taste Café.

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